For service providers that prefer to outsource video CDN service operations—but still want to offer those services under their own brand–NSA is pleased to provide comprehensive white label CDN services. Under the white-label program, NSA owns and operates the CDN for the service provider on our own hardware platform and all services are provided under the service provider’s brand.

First level support is provided by the ISP or video service provider, but NSA handles more complex service issues. NSA also offers optional assistance with sales, system engineering and structuring the video CDN business.

Advantages of NSA white label video CDN

NSA video CDN is the best white label service for delivering video over managed and unmanaged networks. As specialists in video CDN, NSA has an impressive track record of success. Our hard-earned expertise translates into higher QoS, greater control of your network and more opportunities to monetize network resources.

NSA assists its white label clients in acquiring the skill set needed to promote CDNs through business rules, pricing and business engineering.

NSA white label CDN users benefit from:

  • Offering profitable and relevant new services to existing clients
  • Designed-for-video CDN platform
  • Proven best-of-breed technology that delivers high QoS
  • 24x7x365 NOC
  • Real time analytics and reporting
  • Fastest time-to-market
  • Support for emerging standards, formats and viewing platforms
  • LowOPEX
  • Expert guidance in building a strong, viable content delivery business