At NSA, we’ve built a better network—one that is specially tuned for the rigorous demands of video delivery.

Our content delivery network (CDN) is designed for the millions of users who demand a high-quality video experience. Other CDNs install very small servers at thousands of locations, a technique that worked when most users surfed among small HTML files over poor connections.

Today, both the supply of content and demand for it have exploded. So we’ve developed new methodology that is ideal for the new world of high-speed connections and rich video content. We’ve selected a smaller number of strategic global locations among the primary Internet Exchange Points, and built supercharged points of presence we call NSA GigaPOPs. These GigaPOPs have massive numbers of 10Gbps throughput servers and are directly connected to all major backbone networks.

The NSA network features unique architecture as well as global reach that is based on direct optical fiber connections to over 1,200 ISPs worldwide. It supports a full in-cloud solution for flat-fee OTT as well as an easy-to-operate fee-for-service model. The NSA platform provides 99.9999% network availability at extremely low set-up costs and with virtually no capital investment. Just choose the system elements that you need to complete your solution and NSA will provide them on a full-managed service basis.