As the sheer number of hours of owned content increases, storage capacity for video assets must keep pace—meaning more servers, more backup, more security, more real estate, more technical support—and more headaches and expenses.

The flexible NSA cloud-based asset storage solution scales with your business, so you pay only for the storage you need. Its advanced distributed storage technology achieves outstanding reliability and quality of service and reaches around the globe. Content can be served, at the speed of light, across the proprietary NSA platform for delivery right to user access networks. Assets are loaded once and can be instantly multiplied to other NSA storage locations and on-demand across geographies, in accordance with established policy.

NSA hosting services provide professional-grade protection and backup to ensure the safety and security of your valuable video. With no single point of failure and virtually unlimited redundancy, NSA distributed storage satisfies your business’s need for ready access to high-quality video. It provides vast storage volumes for large content libraries of any digital asset, from media files to databases, at very low cost.

Our Content Storage service scales with your needs, so get all the high-performance, high-availability storage capacity you need at each point in time without expending scarce resources on purchasing, managing or supporting infrastructure.

The NSA distributed storage service is specially designed as versatile video storage infrastructure that can:

  • Provide exceptionally reliable and advanced video distribution services
  • Serve your current and future storage requirements through dynamic growth as your activities and project needs increase
  • Serve content from the server that is closest to the customer
  • Create copy at upload and ensure that two or more replications, per customer account policies, and backup copies exist for all content at any given moment


  • SLA for 100% availability
  • Integration with pay-for-use billing covering storage, traffic, and transactions
  • Logical directory structure
  • Localized ingest and content access
  • Ingest via FTP, sFTP, FTPs, RSYNC, SSH, and HTTP
  • Support for applying conditional rules across objects and folders, such as age and MIME type
  • Programmable API eases workflow automation and integration with customer-owned storage systems
  • Enables post-upload transcoding