Media asset management, which handles assets to be delivered on demand and via playlists to a range of target devices, is an essential element of a complete OTT system. It includes

  • Asset administration
  • Classification
  • Publisher information
  • Asset packaging

A recommendations engine based on artificial intelligence generates valuable statistics and viewing data and provides customers with recommendations in keeping with their individual preferences. It compiles small changes in individual preferences to identify emerging trends. Because analysis is based on iterative learning, it becomes increasingly accurate over time.

An EPG serves as the user interface with the asset management system. In order to enable its customers to efficiently and accurately create EPGs, EPG tools automatically connect to ingest systems and import XMLTV-formatted EPG data via a dedicated application. Time conflicts are automatically resolved by the system, when possible. When they cannot be resolved automatically, the system notifies an administrator about the conflict. Operation can be scheduled to enable EPG data to be imported at a time, from each possible source. The data may be manually edited to add or remove shows or alter their parameters.

The NSA program planning and scheduling service is easy to learn and easy to use, even for novice WebTV administrators. It is ideal for linear or playout channels. The service provides accurate calendar views, syncing with playout or OTT systems/servers in real time and integration with the asset management system. For any time slot, the scheduler can program secondary graphic events and it maintains a comprehensive run log to track concurrence between planning and performance.

EPG Tools


  • Ingest connectors. Import the EPG from the widely-used XMLTV format via dedicated application.
  • Scheduled automatization. Automatically import the EPG data anytime you like, from any number of possible sources.
  • Manual editing. If necessary, you can use the EPG console to add and remove shows, as well as edit their parameters.
  • Conflict resolver. The system is equipped with an automatic detector of conflicting time show information, resolving them itself when possible, or notifying the EPG administrator when in doubt.

TV Scheduler (*)

TV Scheduler is the entry level program planning and scheduling tool, perfectly fits the need for the new startup webTV linear channels (info, movies, cartoons, news channels, etc..) or playout channels.


  • Frame accurate calendar view
  • Playout system or OTT video server realtime sync
  • EPG connector (XML TV web service)
  • Asset management integration
  • Ingest list
  • Secondary graphics events
  • As-Run-Log