For service providers that choose to operate their own video CDN in-house, NSA provides its advanced proprietary software of all the video delivery systems needed to offer video services across managed and unmanaged networks, with the ability to reach any screen, at any time, with any content.

NSA provides its advanced a licensed basis, for installation on equipment owned and operated by the service provider. NSA guides the installation and setup process and provides support to the service provider as needed.

Under licensing agreements, sales, operations and support are generally provided by the service provider’s organization. However, NSA also offers optional assistance with sales, system engineering and structuring the video CDN business. In the event that the service provider prefers to outsource the operations center, NSA is happy to set up and operate a dedicated NOC for the ISP.

NSA open-platform CDN software integrates easily with existing network infrastructure via APIs. Our proprietary software and extensive knowledge enable service providers to anticipate and satisfy their customers’ emerging needs in the rapidly evolving video delivery field.