NSA empowers content owners and broadcasters to generate returns on online videos with a menu of advertising approaches that increase ad spend. Customers may choose to partner with third-party ad-server networks or proprietary ad servers and to offer rich media, video and display ads to maximize ad spend. Additional ad options include contextual, linear and non-linear ads, contextual ads and ads that are placed within the video content.

For every video asset, ad decision engines maximize revenues by integrating with the NSA ad decision engine as well as ad-server network partners.

The NSA solution offers content owners the ability to maintain full control over advertising campaigns at both the video and channel level. It also allows owners to create targeting options, implement ad insertion policies, and adjust channel frequencies.


  • Flexible online ad insertion tools
  • Support for a multiple ad formats, servers, and networks
  • Targeting by individual video file and video channel
  • Access to proprietary ad server
  • Fully integrate with third-party ad servers and networks, such as Adaptv, AdTech, Tremor Media, and more
  • Policy-based ad insertion
  • Support for linear, non-linear, contextual, and in-video ads