he NSA web-based portal is an integrated operations management center that serves as a single entry point for managing and monitoring CDN features and performance. It enables you to control your CDN from any location, yet is remarkably intuitive and user-friendly.

Via the operations center, you can manage, cluster and monitor all CDN nodes and services, and add new ones as needed. Account provisioning capabilities enable administrators to define and configure accounts by assigning server and storage resources and specifying performance policies and parameters. Nodes and other resources may be designated as dedicated or shared, and policies may be defined for individual accounts or account classes.

CDN operators can set policies, manage and optimize networks on a regional/geographic basis as well as by account, all from a single NOC screen. Delivery nodes and clusters may be linked to specific regions. Changes are registered and become effective immediately.

The management platform includes an analytics and reporting system that provides critical real time usage information for optimizing resource utilization, CDN traffic patterns and account policies.

Historical performance reports cover storage utilization, service availability and load. Operators may monitor and manage log processing and track object distribution statistics. Information about all internal processes is presented clearly, enabling operators to keep close tabs on system performance.