Real Talk on Marriage

June 28th, 2021 | Lifestyle | 0 Comment

I had a friend not too long ago get into a deeper conversation with me about marriage. She was struggling with some emotions about where her relationship was with her husband and asked me, “what’s your secret?” That question took me by surprise and actually took me some time to respond. Secret? We didn’t have a secret. Marriage isn’t aways love, hearts, hugs and kisses. It’s HARD. Just like motherhood. It’s beautiful, it’s rewarding and it’s so ...


Reasons Why I Think I Actually Birthed My Dog

June 21st, 2021 | Lifestyle, News | 0 Comment

Ok so...everyone knows I am mild to moderately obsessed with my dog Charlie. So guess what we are talking about today!? Shocker! Charlie was my engagement "bonus" I guess you could say...he was kind of the surprise to keep me from noticing that Taylor was about to propose. See him in my arms? This is right after Taylor had proposed & then revealed that all of our family & friends were hiding out watching. Yes I got a puppy & engaged on the same ...


The 5 Best Driving Games of all Time

June 7th, 2021 | Entertainment, Lifestyle | 0 Comment

5. OutRun (1986) Video games, especially arcade titles, were on the rebound after a major flop in the early 1980’s nearly crippled the entire industry. So when Sega released this arcade racer with a moving cabinet, lush graphics, a killer soundtrack and epic racing action, the recovering video game business and the arcade-going public took notice in a huge way. The creator Yu Suzuki billed this game, not as a racing game, but as the ultimate driving ...