Gym Bag or Bug Out Bag?

The Hubbo and I love a good zombie movie and we are insanely addicted to TV series, The Walking Dead. All this talk about the Zombie Apocalypse with the movie World War Z coming out soon, has us talking about what we’ll need to do to be prepared to defend ourselves. We aren’t paranoid, just getting prepared!
Lately I’ve been thinking about preparing a Bug Out Bag and it hit me! My running  bag is perfect for this! Runners are actually way more prepared for an apocalyptic event than most people and here’s why.

1. Shoes. Your Running Bag (RB) and Bug Out Bag (BOB) need to have a good pair of shoes that can help you travel several miles. My running bag always has my shoes in there.

2. Socks. You don’t want to be traveling cross country style with painful blisters on your feet do you? Every RB and BOB needs a good pair of socks.

3. Water bottle/belt. If you are like me you have both in there. Water is essential for life so obviously you’ll need these in your RB and BOB.

4. Nutrition. I have a TON of nutrition products in my RB. I could probably live a couple days alone just on my running nutrition that I have stock piled in there.

5. Workout Towel. Even in the Zombie Apocalypse you’ll need a towel to dry off or to clean wounds with.

6. Tech Shirt. Tech shirts are good for layering, good for keeping you cool, and good for not causing chaffing which could turn into a painful and infected mess during a wide spread Zombie problem.

7. Blinky Light/Head Lamp – Use this tool with caution. You don’t want to draw the attention of hungry zombies, but you do want to draw the attention of the people trying to rescue you! And you know, seeing is cool too.

8. iPod – How else are you going to drown out the sound of zombies moaning and eating people???

9. Sweat Band – You can’t get sweat or your hair in your eyes when you are in hand-to-hand combat with a Zombie. You’ll lose. Duh.

10. Rock Tape or KT Tape – Good for fixing up injuries.

11. Pepper Spray -While there is no scientific research on if Pepper Spray will affect a zombie or not, it sure can slow down an enemy so you can get away! Jk! Don’t do that! Be sure to love thy neighbor during a Zombie attack!

Here are a few items you wouldn’t normally find in a RB but you might want to consider adding. You know, just in case the Zombies attack your town!

1. Sword/Machete – Everyone knows the only way to kill a zombie is with a head wound. Plus a gun will run out of bullets. Swords and machetes don’t.

2. Walkie – Talkie – Preferably linked to the National Guard

3. Bike – If you can fit a bike in your RB, more power to ya! Let me know how you did it. Bikes  make a good travel choice being as they do not require gas. Just human power!

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