Reasons Why I Think I Actually Birthed My Dog

Ok so…everyone knows I am mild to moderately obsessed with my dog Charlie. So guess what we are talking about today!? Shocker!

Charlie was my engagement “bonus” I guess you could say…he was kind of the surprise to keep me from noticing that Taylor was about to propose. See him in my arms? This is right after Taylor had proposed & then revealed that all of our family & friends were hiding out watching.

Yes I got a puppy & engaged on the same day. I’m good!

Aside from the obvious fact of

, this photo also proves that Charlie & I had our first meeting when he was just shy of 2 months old. Clearly he existed without me for 2 months.

But now….a mere 5 months later…nope. No. There is no way I did not give birth to this puppy. Charlie is exactly like me. We have to share blood. We just have to.

He growls at you if you try to wake him up. Um hello…who likes to be rudely awakened by someone trying to move them back to their side of the bed? Not me, not Charlie. You wake us up, you suffer the consequences. Just ask Taylor.

Yes I took a screenshot from a doggie daycare Webcam.

He thinks socializing before at least 12 in the afternoon is stupid. Why do people like to chat in the mornings? Hello, it is early. I just woke up a few hours ago. No words until at least noon, for the love. Char feels the same way. We take him to doggie daycare every week so he gets some social & play time in while we are at work. The daycare has a Webcam so of course I check in on him periodically all day. You can bet my little ball of energy, not even 7 months pup, will be sitting or napping in a corner until about noon. There is just no sense in early morning tomfoolery.

I blame Charlie’s lack of enthusiasm for our loss in the SEC Championship.

He does not have a pokerface. Oh, you want me or Charlie to pretend like we are having a good time when we really aren’t? Okay, how’s this? Terrible, right? Sorry.

We love a good theme. He actually got upset when I took these Christmas pj’s off him.

He is glamorous. Did you look like Scarlett O’Hara after your surgery? Because Charlie did. And I always do. Duh.

Maybe if I press myself into the wall the vacuum won’t notice I’m here

We are scared of the same things. Charlie & I share a fear of loud noises, strangers, people knocking on the door at night, little kids, & vacuums. Well okay I’m not scared of the vacuum. But little kids can be rull scary sometimes.

We are gator haters. This is self-explanatory. I went to UGA. I think Tim Tebow is a big ol crybaby & the Louisville Cardinals are my new most favorite team on the planet. And Taylor is a Texas A&M alum & Florida was the only team that beat them this year. So there’s just no way Charlie could ever like gators. Sorry (no I’m not).

Hiiiii. How’s your bath?

We both like to kiss Taylor. He’s our favorite.

And we are both super pumped it is finally Friday!

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