Affiliate Web Programs, How To Get Started

What is an affiliate web program and how do I get started?
Everyone who has ever searched for something on the web and followed a link, has used, or seen an affiliate web program. Most of the things we are looking for bring up an affiliate site because it is so hard to get your site on the top of search results unless the searchers type in the site’s name or address. ( so how do affiliates do it? I will get to the steps soon.) Back to what is an affiliate web program? It is when the affiliate marketer gets paid for sending customers to the websites of companies. There are also affiliate stores, where you get your own web store, full of products, and you have to get the customers to visit your store, and buy. This is a lot of what I have been learning. I found out through many trial and errors, that if you build your site for the whole purpose of helping people, then your sites will do better. An affiliate web program can come in a lot of different forms. You can be an affiliate for some company selling an ebook, products, web hosting, web templates, or getting someone to sign up for just about anything.

Lets Get Started:

First thing you need to do is find a good hosting company, if you are going be an affiliate. Preferably one with add on capabilities so you don’t have to purchase hosting every time you build a new site. The best hosting I could recommend, is Blue Host. Go there for your hosting and you will find all the tools you will need for your websites, security, emails, ftp clients, and so much more. After you are signed up there, then turn around and join there affiliate program. One of the highest paying, for web hosting affiliate programs.

Then go to the affiliate gold mine, which is Click Bank. They have 1000′s of companies who have signed up with them just so affiliates like us can find them. Open an account there, and turn around and join there affiliate program. If you have a digital product to sell then join click bank here.

Another thing you need to do is open a Google account, so you can add adsense to your sites later, for a little more income. Google has a lot of programs for you to use and make money, and to help you along.
Open an AdWords account too, (also in google) but don’t start AdWords until you have studied it, top to bottom, front to back and all around. Don’t leave one word unread or you will wind up learning the hard way like I usually do. Use AdWords only after you have completed my whole process and have made a high quality, helpful site, for someone else to learn by. ( Thats what this whole thing is about, helping people find what they are looking for.) So if you know something very well and can teach it very well, thats what your first site should be about. There almost certainly is an affiliate program out there, that you can match to what you are teaching. Do a search in google for the subject you are writing about / affiliate. This should bring up some sites in your subject with an affiliate program.

Next place to go is the w3schools website and add it to your favorites. In fact, add all of these to your favorites list so you can get back to them quick and easy. ( Don’t forget to write all of the passwords down, and store them on your computer, so you can’t lose them. )
First things to learn there is how to make words linkable, and how to change colors on your sites background and how to make letters red and so on, to personalize your sites. ( W3schools is the easiest one that I have found.)

Spend a few days in each account and learn it from top to bottom. Study all of there terms of use. Then learn all of the copyright rules. Then go to the Name Your Site Using The Adword Keyword Tool page , and find a name that is being searched, from 4500 times a month or more and has medium to low competition. Then come back to the next step, which is buy your domain name. To buy your domain, go to the buy website domain page.

Add On Your Domain

Now that you have your domain bought, you want to add it on in your Bluehost account.
Being able to add on in your hosting account saves you a lot of money, this is another reason that I chose Bluehost. Go to the Add On Your Domain page. The next step will be install WordPress on your domain.

Install WordPress On Your Domain

Go to the Install WordPress On Your Domain page, after you are done there, we go through choosing a theme and install and configure plugins.

Choose A Theme

Now we login to our admin area using the username and password we got when we installed WordPress on our domain. If you can’t find it, then go back to your simple scripts button, then go to WordPress, under the blogs button, you will find your login info there. After you are in your admin area, click on appearance, and then on themes. I like the theme they load automatically.

Install and Configure Plugins

There are 3 plugins that I always use, all in one SEO, spam free WordPress, xml sitemaps. Go to and click on plugins, then do a search for the plugin, and click on the install. Then you will need to configure the seo plugin.
This is important, in the home title, your want to use you keyword that you use in your url, in a question, or somthing that arouse people’s curiosity. Make them click, after read your title. In the home discription, you want to use the key word again in a sentence. If you are teaching something then say that in the sentence with your keyword. In your home keywords, your use your keyword again, then add one more that fits into what you are teaching on your site. You can find one in the adword keyword tool. Then you click on the enable button on the top and update button on the bottom. Make sure all of your plugins are active, in the plugins section.
Now it is time to add your pages, contact, privacy, and the about page. Then its time to add content to your new site. Make your articles 350 words or more and use your keyword a couple of times. Any parts of what you are teaching that are big, then use a seperate page and put a link to it from your post. ( make sure you hit the html button before you put in the link.) Next you want to submit your site to the social bookmarking sites with a page rank of 3 or more, and to about 15 or more rss sites. Your rss url will be your url/feed. Now if you are happy with your site, and all the information on it, you can add your affiliate links and Adsense. Study the Adsense rules first. If you do Adwords, to drive traffic to your site, make sure you study it closely before doing anything. I hope this information was helpful. Thanks for visiting.

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