Graphics Card Review: R9 280x vs GTX 770

April 28th, 2021 | Technology | 0 Comment

The R9 280X from AMD and GeForce GTX 770 from Nvidia have taken the graphics cards market by storm. Why? Because they bring together two important aspects of any graphics card purchase: performance and cost. They are powerful cards yet the most gamers can afford them. That’s majorly why they are so popular. And they are not far apart. A meager $80-100 USD price range separates them. The GTX 770 is the pricier of the two. So, which card suits you best? Here is a ...


Basic Affiliate Internet Marketing

April 17th, 2021 | Business | 0 Comment

BASIC AFFILIATE INTERNET MARKETING All of us would love to make a little more money. Sometimes just a little to supplement an income can be a huge help. Today it is easier that you think to get a little extra cash in your bank accounts. Most of us today have our own personal websites. We can get them for free and use them as a method to keep others informed of what we are doing. You can actually turn your website into a way of making some extra cash for you. By ...


6 Tips for Overcoming Adversity at Work

April 10th, 2021 | News | 0 Comment

Adversity at work can come in many forms. It can be the copier that delivers a thick black line on every page you copy. It can be the customers who demand the world and the team members who don’t show up on time or pull their weight. It can be the endless meetings. It can be the overtime or the low pay. Or the co-worker who likes to gossip or the boss who is a micromanager or the company policy that makes absolutely no sense. The list can go on and on because ...