Can You Make Money With Pay-Per-Click?

Making money as a publisher online can be a complicated business as even the biggest of newspapers are finding out. With the rise of the modern media and the integrated strcuture of the internet website owners have to be versatile to make money. The “pay per click” (PPC) structure of advertising is the most common and oldest form of online advertising.

History of PPC

In February of 1998 Jeffrey Brewer of presented a concept for a pay per click search engine.
Credit of the original idea usually goes to Bill Gross of Idealabs and
Google started their grab for the PPC market in October 1999, but did not have something akin to the current ‘adsense’ until 2001.

PPC advertising comes in a lot of forms these days and can include video advertising as well as the more complicated affiliate click through campaigns. Essentially, you make money when someone clicks on the advertising on your website or you pay for clicks through to your own website. The biggest PPC provider is Google, followed far behind by companies like Yahoo and Adbrite.

How Much Do You Make With Clicks?

The amount of money you will make with advertising on your website will really depend on the quality of your site and the number of visitors. It will also be affected by factors like adblocking software which has made programs like adsense increasingly irrelevant.

The money you get per click is usually determined by keyword ‘bidding’ and can range from a few cents to over ten dollars. Again, this is also affected by the quantity and quality of your traffic. If you are aiming to make a living from advertising online you will need to reach a wide audience with views in the thousands.

Implementing A Pay Per Click Program

Starting out with advertising on your site is simple and can be done rather quickly. You can choose between any number of sized banner ads which can be images or texts. The most popular and still easiest to set-up is the Google Adsense program. It is best to implement this program in conjunction with other programs.

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