Business Blog Benefits

One very easy way to begin your offline consulting business is to offer a service to your local businesses that will have you creating blogs for them. We who are already familiar with the SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) value that blogs hold. Blogs are very easy and quick to create. In fact, if you create these small business blogs on (which is a Google property), they’ll get almost immediate attention paid to them.

If you’re already using ANY of Google’s accounts (Gmail, AdWords, AdSense, etc…) you can sign into Blogger with that same ID. You always have the option of starting a new account distinctly for the purpose of this business tactic. After all, Google accounts are free.

Choose the name of your client’s blog carefully. It will reflect the name of their business and be formatted something like this:   or

There are a few reasons why a blog is good for your client/customer:

Even if they have an existing website, a blog is inherently equipped with more technically beneficial features.
It gives them a high value backlink from an historically high site. (Thank you Google)
Blogs equal targeted traffic.
Targeted traffic equals leads.
Leads equal customers.
Customers equal a better bottom line
Blogs do a better job at keeping them in touch with their customers.
Blogs are dynamic and easily edited or changed to keep up with special offers and sales.

A great way to begin the conversation with your potential client, that small business owner down the road, is to ask him how he keeps in touch with his existing clients right now. If they stammer or stutter for an answer, you’re in the right place.

Explain to them how they can stay in touch with their customers very easily and cheaply.
Tell them about all of  the money getting benefits of a business blog.
Educate them on auto-responders and how they can send out an e-mail blast right in the midst of a slow week or month in order to bring in more business.
Describe how they can put advertisements on their site with a cooperative and complementary ad program with another business.

These ideas alongside your imagination and entrepreneurial spirit should give you enough to go out and start knocking on some doors or pick up the phone. There are dozens to hundreds of prospects for you to contact, depending on the population where you live; and don’t let that diminish your drive either.

You’re likely reading this on your computer, and you can therefore use that same computer to begin your search for the businesses that will ultimately make up the foundation and future of your business. The secret is to take action.

You’ve just been handed a simple, step by step method of getting a start in the offline consulting business. Pick an area to specialize in, pick a direction to take that specialty and PROVE to yourself that it’s as simple as making a choice. You CAN do this. Start today.

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