Build Your List With Giveaways

If you have been involved with any form of Internet, Affiliate, or Niche Marketing you are likely aware that list building is extremely important to your marketing efforts. If you really want to make money online, then list building must be a primary part of your everyday efforts.

List building is so important that it is said that “the money is in the list.” I just had to throw that in. It is an oft repeated phrase.

Why do you think that it is repeated so often? BECAUSE it is true. Now some would say the money is in a list of buyers. And that is true. But generally speaking, any list of buyers started out as a list of contacts, prospects, etc.

The key is to entice as many people as possibly onto your list and then qualify them by the action they take. If they buy, then you have a list of buyers and you truly have a list about which you can say, “The Money Is In The List.” My list.

But as I stated the key is to get people onto your list. So how do you do that? There are several ways to accomplish the task. In this article, I want to address one of those ways – Using giveaways.

What is a giveaway? Well the name sort of provides a clue. But there is a lot more to it than just giving away products. The concept is that the giveaway promoter enlists people to join his effort – it is sometimes called a joint venture.

Several marketers join together to give away one or more of their products. In doing so, they hope that the people that receive their gift will join their newsletter – that’s just another way to say their list. In the end the purpose of the giveaway is list building.

In most giveaways, if you pay a relatively small upgrade fee, you can receive all of the giveaways without having to provide your contact information. But you will be given the opportunity to purchase a product, one time offer, or again presented with a chance to sign up for a newsletter.

All of these actions are designed to build the list of each of the people in the joint venture. Hopefully before you have completed the process, you will have subscribed to a list/newsletter or you will have purchase a product and be added to a buyers list.

There are two aspects to all giveaways.

1. You join as a contributor.

In this case you are the list builder. You contribute a gift and the giveaway sponsor makes it available to everyone that joins the giveaway. As a contributor, you provide two web pages for use in the giveaway.

One is a squeeze page so that people can sign up to receive your gift and as a result they will also be added to your list and start receiving your newsletter.

The second page will be a download page. This is a page that people can go to and download your gift. It is basically for anyone that upgrades in the giveaway. Those that upgrade can go straight to the download page and don’t have to subscribe to your newsletter. So you present them with something to buy and if they purchase, you add them to your buyers list.

2. You join as a member.

After the contributor phase has ended, people are asked to join the giveaway as members. Then for some period of time everyone, members and contributors, has the opportunity to download the gifts that the contributors have made available.

Every time someone fills out the opt-in box on your squeeze page, you add a new subscriber to your list. Now the beauty of that is that in the future, you can send the subscriber an offer for one of your paid products or one of your affiliate programs. And you can do it over and over until the subscriber un-subscribes.

You have just turned a free offer into several paid offers and likely over time you will have made money from your online efforts.

The Massive Summer Giveaway has just opened for contributors. Let’s go build a Massive List together, join The Massive Summer Giveaway now.

Giveaways are a great addition to your Internet or Affiliate marketing tool box. Over time your will be able to build you list by substantial amounts – and every subscriber that you add will became a potential customer. As you list grows, so will your opportunity to make money online. So, add giveaways to your arsenal of methods to enhance your Affiliate Marketing – it works.

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