Book Review: Cracking the Producers Code

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Review Cracking the Producer’s Code

Subject: Book Review and Interview Secret Revealed: Number One Producer in Network Marketing gives step by step blue print on how to become a millionaire in the network marketing industry.

Have you ever wondered the secrets to how top recruiters seem to sponsor so many people into their company almost effortlessly?

Do you have trouble talking to prospects on the phone? Do you have trouble talking to your warm market or people you don’t know?

You just don’t know exactly what to say or start a conversation with a prospect.

Chad Wade in his book Cracking the Producers Code will word for word and step by step give you a system that will sky rocket your business!

His book Cracking the Producers Code is an easy to read hand book with scripts you can use for your business. Chad will give you a script for the cold market as well as your warm market. He will demonstrate to you how to talk to your warm market and feel comfortable doing it.
Chad will cover four skill sets you must master to become a successful marketer:

 Connect with people
 Tell the story
 Build for events
 Follow up

Connect with people:

He talks about the importance of building rapport by not “throwing up on someone” meaning that you don’t want to talk about your product or opportunity when you meet someone first. You want to ask them some questions first and find out what that person’s needs are. Pay attention to the answers the person gives you and be sincere.

Tell the story:

Expose your prospect to your company’s visual content or website. You want to develop your own story on how you got started with your company and the results you received from the products. You don’t have to share too many facts. Facts tell stories sell. Have your own personal one minute story to share with your prospect or testimony.

Build for events:

You want to invite your prospects to events whether it is a home meeting or a hotel meeting. This gives your prospect the opportunity to see other people who are looking at and involved in your opportunity. A good way to be sure that their going to be there is to pick them up. Every activity one is engaged with, should be to get your prospect to the next event. The biggest event is your company’s convention. Their associate gets the chance to see the top earners and meet the owners and co-owners of the company.

Follow up

This is a skill that many including myself are weak in. You want to find out if your prospect is committed or not. Ask them closing questions. “Are you ready to make money now?” or “Do you see any reason why you shouldn’t get started now?.” Listen carefully for the answer and the certainty that they answer. People rarely will tell you no. People use excuses. If someone insists in using an excuse like money for not getting started, just let them go and have them call you when their ready. When someone sends the message that they are ready, get out your application and enroll them. Instruct them not to talk to anyone until they are trained and send them home with a memory jogger. There is a good one in the book.

Chad also will show you how to track your results with examples of charts that you can use to follow up with your prospects and keep track of your results.

He goes into detail on lead generation and he illustrates some of his marketing strategies. He says that one must have multiple campaigns going on to have more leads than time. It is important to have three to seven lead sources for your business. I always had the belief that fliers doesn’t work. However in the book Chad shares with us that fliers can be effective, though labor intensive. You must be prepared to hand out thousands of fliers to get a hundred calls. He also gives you the advertising copy for the fliers. I would only hand out fifty to hundred fliers and not get no results however that is simply not enough fliers. What also stood out for me is how he tells us exactly where to leave the fliers. For example do not leave them on the windshield wiper. One should leave them in the crack of the door on the driver’s side. I wished I would have read his book before using that marketing strategy. That is where I used to leave them.

Chad will reference Think and Grow rich many times in his book. Recommending that book as a must have for your library. I read Think and Grow rich once. Chad has read it 300 times. You will receive a golden nugget of wisdom every time you pick up the book. Think and Grow Rich is a book for Napoleon Hill. He was asked by Andrew Carnegie to interview the wealthiest people. Think and Grow Rich is the result of those interviews.
There are sections in the book for you to write notes as you read along. The book is littered with funny thought provoking cartoons that really makes you think.

I am glad I read his book. He reminded me of some basics and helped me get out of a slump. We share some of the same mentors. I once attended several trainings that he did for a lead generation company I am a member of. The training is free and Chad was dialing live calls. I was impressed with the ease he had with handling objections from the prospects. He made the prospects feel at ease as he interviewed them. My favorite tactic that he used is how he responded to the question “what is this all about” from one prospect. He responded with:
“That is a great question and I wish I can tell you however that would be like me trying to give you a hair cut over the telephone.”

I still use the response to someone who wants me to “cut to the chase”. A person like this is a specific personality type. Responding the way Chad responds helps deflects the question and puts you back in the driver’s seat.

I recommend Cracking the Producers Code for his anecdotal way of showing you how to build your business. There are many scripts that are useful and he goes into detail with his marketing strategies. Chad also talks about home meetings and hotel meetings. He will share with you how to choose the right hotel for your meetings. His book is a must have for your library.

Chad Wade, network marketing expert, recently sat down to interview on television with Inside Out, Chad talks about the importance of having a mentor, and how to pick the right mentor.
If you would like to get your hands on this book and learn how you can become a “Successful network marketer”, and over come your issues with talking to prospects on the phone.

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