My Favorite Premises and Plans for Techichi Dogs.

MY Premise: The techichi type little dog is alive and well and has retained its original phenotype, even though taking on many Eurodog genes. It is the parental stock of the AKC chihuahua, not the reverse.

This phenotype averages 10 pounds as opposed to the akc chi artificially held at 4 pounds,

The dogs look like little deer with large eyes, upright ears and at least average length legs, usually short hair, though hairless and long haired occur and always have, long before the Southwest became part of the USA.

If you have one that looks like this, get it tested at the

Mars Lab

. There is a fantastic comment somewhere on this site from a vet at that project who says many techichi types are turning up with some native genes.

Let’s separate these guys from the AKC chis by calling them Techichis. Remember, the more techichi-sized dogs are tested and the more native genes show up, the more different native genes may be noted, so techichis will probably end up having some of the native genetic spectrum, but not quite the same from dog to dog.

I have a Facebook page where you can post photos of your techichi types and comment.

There are a lot of techichis that need rescuing from shelters. Many are put there because they turn out to be 10 pounds instead of 5, because they were called “Chihuahuas” when they were sold and raised false expectations of tiny adult size in the new owners.

You can spread the word about techichis as opposed to Chihuahuas by sharing your Techichi posts on your Timeline.

Let’s not get too technical, all techichi types are the type they are BECAUSE they have always been out-crossed to unrelated dogs. If your dog looks like a techichi, but does not test like one, let us know.

I think that the techichi should be recognized by its phenotype, whether or not it has native genes. Whatever its genes are, they will probably breed true to type- should they be bred-which is not politically cool at all right now.

Maybe we could call our dogs that have been tested “Techichis” and the ones with the proper phenotype, “techichi types”. After all, until genetics came along, all the earlier people had to go by was phenotype.

This little guy already is far more common than the AKC sub-type. Maybe several hundred times more common, though that is a guess based on my experience, not actual counting,

Let’s get this sweetie of a dog out from behind the false “Chihuahua” label.

If enough of us flow through my website and Facebook page, someone should come along that has the proper temperament and skills -and youthful energy, to get some kind of journalism going on the subject, other webpages, and/or an association going that can reach critical mass in making the techichi type as well known as the Chihuahua. But this is already a very popular dog, even if no one recognizes it -except us.

I am really just an idea person. I got this idea that the oversized chis were the parental stock of the AKC chis and were the original native stock. I demonstrated it with the history available from various dog books I could buy on Amazon. Now, genetic testing has confirmed native genes in the techichi types. I feel like my idea is validated properly from two important sources, but I am 75 years old and don’t have the energy to promote this idea beyond posts in this blog, and asking people to share on my Facebook page. Somehow, I don’t think posts about oversized Chihuahuas will go viral, but even a few hundred more techichi people on Facebook is far more attention and knowledge than has ever happened, before.

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