Turning your Word Press Blog into a Membership Site in Seconds

Turning your Word Press Blog into a Membership Site in Seconds

Membership site vs normal site!

You might have a word press blog, or a blogger or you even might have your own blog, hosted on your own domain. And on these blogs you could be selling physical goods, sharing your option or giving tips away. If you’re interested in make money from your blog and you would like to turn your blog with its great content, into it a money machine then you will want to turn it into a membership site.

So a couple of reasons you would want to turn your blog into a membership site and selling or providing your content. The main reason is it’a allot easier to sell information products through a membership site over a blog. This is because they will feel like they are getting better quality content from a membership site because they are paying for it, compare to the free and maybe slightly bias option of the blogger.

Retention, of the biggest and most influence words for a membership site owner to here, you need to have a great message followed by a great content so, when people join your membership site, actually say on the site for months to come instead of just joining for a week or two then leaving. Many people when they hear the word retention, they think about drip feeding or dripping content to the user. Lets explore Dripping Content to the User Well there are two ways you can deliver content, you can give them access to everything right of the bat and let the user go through it at their own pace, or you can drip and feed a certain amount of content every week for say 8 weeks. This is turn keeps the user in your membership site longer and you will be able to keep them for longer and build trust with them.

Taking payments can be difficult and setting it up can be a nightmare, but you can set up all your major payment process in almost any membership plug in, this is great because it’s saves you allot of time and also provides you with a professional payment gate way which you can handle all of your transaction through without the user knowing the little amount of effort you put into it.

Selling content on a membership site is so easy, you will be able to set up multiple different membership levels offering your different content. When I talk about membership levels this is just different pages with different content gold might have a video content series while brone is just a text base system your selling and the different membership levels give you controll of what content the users can sell, depending on what they purchased. I have used allot of membership plug ins and tried a bunch more but almost all of them allow you have have unlimited amount of membership levels unless they where free. Spliting membership content is great because you can sell advanced and beginner content sperate and even different niche content.

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