IBM Launches Global layoffs

IBM in the United States launched a global layoffs, layoffs cost about $ 1 billion, IBM United States some of the staff have received layoff notices. According spending cuts, affecting the number of people should be in 6000-8000. IBM layoffs news, people talking, IBM is known as the most stable technology companies. How the most stable company does not stabilize it?

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recent, IBM through a variety of ways to reduce the number of employees, reduce operating costs. Go to IBM CEO Gini. Luo Manti published the “2015 Growth Map” program, in 2015 by reducing the number of employees prior to the shareholders’ earnings per share is expected to increase to $ 20. Soon IBM to some of the staff to provide “progressive” early retirement plan, employees who meet certain criteria in this bottom or earlier announced his retirement, and 40% reduction in working hours, salary reduced by 30%. 2013 first quarter, IBM net revenue both fell, fell short of expectations, shares fell 8.4%, marking its biggest one-day drop in three. Soon, IBM announced a global layoffs.

special economic commentators, no future Feng Lijuan, chief human resources experts worry that IBM may be due to the decline in performance of its cloud computing and other new technologies emerging, resulting in revolutionary impact on IBM. “This does not mean layoffs enterprises decline, each industry has different cycles, such as Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft will have industry leaders such layoffs situation. Compared to the pursuit of fast track domestic corporate layoffs, U.S. and European companies layoff layoffs promote the process is a slow, roughly half cycle in three Western companies once the announced layoffs, there will be a lot of new departments for action, such as psychological counseling, Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Justice, layoffs more humane way. ”

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layoffs in fact a people project, but it is a vanity project. Reported, IBM layoffs will cost the global $ 1 billion, the per capita cost of layoffs reached $ 120,000. Data show that, compared with the recent layoff costs, IBM layoffs round $ 1 billion cost increase. 2012, IBM jobs in restructuring charges of $ 803 million, 2011, the expenditure of $ 440 million. Juan Feng told reporters, IBM high amount of layoffs. IBM’s restructuring of the business needs, and will not disclose specific details. Specific allocation of $ 1 billion is not known, it is in general not all funding cuts used in personnel, there is a part of training costs or relocation. “

” IBM has 400,000 employees, the layoffs in 6000-8000 the number of people laid off ratio of 2%. And IBM has a trade union, trade unions and lay off the team and there will be a game. IBM will not soon end of this redundancy. “

dismissed employees what other benefits can fight it? Juan Feng told reporters:” The staff is very little room to bargain. But they can fight some of the other stuff. “First of all, you can and leadership and communication, hope department heads or senior issued a letter of recommendation, which is looking for new job opportunities in the future to bring greater protection. Secondly, if the employees and supervisors have a good interaction, competent relatively broad network of people, perhaps you can introduce employees to other companies. “Such big companies like IBM will allocate part of the funds as a training fee for the retrenched employees to find jobs more quickly. These companies as systolic, wait a few into the expansion phase, these employees will be dismissed as the preferred re-return. “

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