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Transcoding-as-a-service | NSA


As the number and types of viewing devices continues to grow, video formats for new viewing platforms are being developed and updated at a rapid pace. Few content owners, service providers and telecom operators or enterprises have the in-house hardware and software—or the expertise to keep them current–needed to ensure that their video can be viewed on all popular platforms.

Cloud-based NSA encoding and transcoding services enable you to deliver pristine HD and SD content to any device, without concern about upgrading, updating or adding encoding or transcoding equipment as formats and platforms evolve. Adaptive bit rate (ABR) transcoding and encoding ensures that all content—live, playlist or VOD– is compatible with all formats, CODECs and screens including TVs, set-top boxes, PCs and Macs, gaming consoles, smart phones and tablets.

The NSA cloud-based content preparation suite can encode and transcode video from the following formats:

List of the supported video codecs

Video codec

flv: flv, libx264, vp6

fl9, mpegts: libx264

wmv, zune: wmv2 msmpeg4, libx264

3gp, android: h263, mpeg4 libx264

m4v: mpeg4

mp4, ipod, iphone, ipad, appletv, psp: mpeg4, libx264

ogg: libtheora

webm: libvpx

mp3, wma: none

mpeg2: mpeg2video

List of the supported audio codecs

Audio codec

mp3: libmp3lame

m4a: libfaac

flv: libmp3lame, libfaac

fl9, mp4, m4v, ipod, iphone, ipad, appletv, psp: libaac

wmv, wma, zune: wmav2, libmp3lame

ogg, webm: libvorbis

3gp: libamr_nb

android: libamr_nb, libfaac

mpeg2: pcm_s16be, pcm_s16le

mpegts: ac3

Audio bitrates

Audio bitrate

Nk: where N is any non-zero integer

3gp: 4.75k, 5.15k, 5.9k, 6.7k, 7.4k, 7,95k, 10.2k, 12.2k

flv, wmv, mp3, wma, zune32k, 40k, 48k, 56k, 64k, 80k, 96k, 112k, 128k, 144k, 160k, 192k, 224k, 256k, 320k

ogg, webm: 45k, 64k, 80k, 96k, 112k, 128k, 160k, 192k, 224k, 256k, 320k, 500k 

Audio sample rate

Audio sampling frequency (Hz)

All: any non-zero integer

3gp: 8000

flv, mp3: 11025, 22050, 44100

ogg, webm: 16000, 32000, 44100, 22050, 11025, 192000

wmv, wma, zune: 11025, 22050, 32000, 44100, 48000

mpeg2: 44100, 48000

NSA encodes and transcodes video content into a wide range of formats for the following delivery models:

Feature Formats and Protocols
Live streaming RTMP, RTSP, HTTP (HLS, HDS, smooth streaming), HTML5
VOD streaming RTMP, RTSP, progressive download, HTTP (HLS, HDS, Smooth Streaming), HTML 5
High definition streaming H.264, high profile, 720P, 1080P at 24,25 and 30 FPS
Multiple bit rates

For Flash, progressive download, adaptive and dynamic streaming

Handles up to 16 simultaneous bitrates and resolutions per asset in live streaming or VOD

Video to be transcoded may be dropped onto the NSA CDN using a media management system or uploaded via FTP. An API callback updates the service provider’s or broadcaster’s back end when files are transcoded and ready for playback.

Streaming in Multiple Languages

Multi-track audio channel selection simplifies streaming in multiple languages. Choose the languages your users want from source streams with multiple audio tracks and deliver them simultaneously, per user request, on computers, mobile devices and IPTV set-top boxes