Microsoft FrontPage Beginner’s Guide

Microsoft FrontPage was designed to make designing and publishing websites easy. Once you get to know the program it fairly easy to work with. But before you can go on to designing and publishing websites, you need to know how to do the basics in Microsoft FrontPage. In this guide I will show you how to do the following. Create a New Page Save a New Page Change your Font Style Change your Font Color Change your Font Size Make your Font Bold, Italic, and Underline Open your Microsoft FrontPage program and let it load. When your program loads you will see a blank page already opened for you. The first thing I will show you is how to create a new page. How to Create a New Page in Microsoft FrontPage Go to the top of your window and click File gt; New gt; Page or Web. A window will open on the right side of your program. You will see a list of options in that window. Click on the Blank Page link, to create a new page. To avoid going through all of that, you can press CTRL N on your keyboard and that will open a new page. How to Save a New Page in Microsoft FrontPage The first time that you save a new page you will need to click File gt; Save As and enter the name of your page in the box that pops up. Continue saving your work as you go by clicking File gt; Save or by pressing CTRL S on your keyboard. You never know when your computer is going to cut off, so saving your work every so often is a great idea. How to Change your Font Style in Microsoft FrontPage Type some text on your page. Highlight the text that you typed with your mouse. Go to the top of your window and drop the font box down. Select the font style that you want. You can scroll through the different styles to find the one that you want. If you don’t know how to highlight your text, you simply hold your mouse down and drag it across your text, then let go of the mouse after you have highlighted the text. How to Change your Font Color in Microsoft FrontPage You need to highlight your text again the same way that you did above. Look at the top of your window for the A with a black line under it. Click the little arrow beside the A to drop the color box down. Select the color that you want for your text. How to Change your Font Size in Microsoft FrontPage Again, highlight your text with your mouse. There are two ways to change the size of your text. The first way is to drop the box down that has the number in it. Then select the number that you want. The higher the number, the bigger the text. The second way is to click the two A’s with the arrows beside them. The A with the arrow pointing up makes the text bigger and the A with the arrow going down makes the text smaller. How to Make your Font Bold, Italic, and Underline in Microsoft FrontPage Highlight the text that you want to change. At the top of your window you will see three icons; B, I, and a U with a line under it. Clicking the B will make your text Bold. Clicking the I will make your text Italic and click the U with the underline will underline your text. Please see the image that I have provided to get a graphic view of what I have show you in this guide. If you have any questions about this Microsoft FrontPage guide, please feel free to leave me a comment at the bottom of this page.