GrabCar officially offers Ho Chi Minh City

 On March 31st, GrabCar launched the official launch of GrabCar – the leading e-commerce application service in Southeast Asia – at Nikko Saigon Hotel with the theme ” moved on”. The launch of GrabCar aims to express gratitude to the government agencies for supporting and supporting the Company in developing and implementing the GrabCar Automobile Contracts Pilot Project; Gratitude for passengers and drivers who are directly building a new style of movement in Vietnam with GrabCar. The launch of GrabCar is also an opportunity for the Company to commit to the community in improving the user experience. With the principle of maximum transparency, and the spirit of respecting the law, in July 2015 Grab Company has actively developed and proposed to the Ministry of Transport (“Ministry of Transport”). GrabCar is designed to create a legal framework for a new type of service. Receiving the approval in principle of the Prime Minister, MOT has concretized the implementation of the pilot scheme by Decision No. 24 / QD-BGTVT dated 07/01/2016 of the Minister of Transport Issue a pilot plan to deploy the application of science and technology to support the management and connection of passenger transport under contract. The support and encouragement of the project on the application of information technology in the transport sector shows the determination of the Government of Vietnam to improve the business environment and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Being honored as the first and only company to date has officially been allowed to pilot, Grab Company has actively worked closely with the authorities to seriously implement the pilot conditions. The company regularly reports to the central and local authorities on the implementation of the pilot implementation and actively performs the tax obligations to the State. Desiring to create a people-centered, human-centered future, Grab’s values ​​promise to be civilized, friendly, and secure. Thus, the elegant and humane driver is always inspired by Grab. We understand that in order to deliver the best possible experience for our consumers, we need to build a civilized, professional and cohesive driver community. So, Grab has, and will continue to cooperate closely with the transportation partners to always close, companion, sharing the same car with drivers in both work and life. In the past, in addition to ongoing training programs to help drivers improve their expertise and service, Grab has worked closely with the partner transportation organization to organize the Tri-Day Thank you GrabCar, as well as GrabSchool for your child to drive. Grab always strives to feel and listen to the voice of the customer. Customers are not only “gods”, but also co-creators, and service experience. The relationship between Grab – the driver – the passengers are summarized by the slogan: “Sharing the journey – Connecting emotions.” The focus of the Grab for user experience has been demonstrated through continuous service innovation to meet the needs of each customer group. In the coming time, Grab will implement GrabWork and add GrabPay, besides paying cash to give more choice. Grab’s entry into the market has fueled a change in the ecosystem surrounding transportation: the state – the consumer – the service provider. The state updates the legal framework so that the market develops healthily and creates a fair competitive environment. Consumers change their calling habits and play a more active role in improving service quality. The driver changes the mode of communication with the passenger and the culture of service delivery. Freight companies change the way they operate in business and recognize the role of the driver in providing service. Grab believes that the close cooperation and unity of all within the ecosystem will undoubtedly create a positive change in the transport sector.