FPT officially distribute Toshiba’s storage drive

The product hard Drive, SSD of Toshiba for your PC, Laptop, Camera, business server will be officially sold in Vietnam market from April 1st 2016 through the official distributor of FPT trading. The products of Toshiba hard drive are distributed by FPT trading towards group of customers, agents, project, machine installation. Products are upgrades of speed and capacity helping to reduce significant cost on gigabyte, the ability to handle instantaneous large amount of information, and power saving efficiency. Customers when buying hard drive products, Toshiba will apply the warranty policy genuine Toshiba “1 change 1 new during the warranty period of the product”. Here is the warranty policy is completely different compared to the other brands in Vietnam until the present time, in order to bring the maximum peace of mind for consumers. At the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation with FPT Trading day March 29th, representative of Toshiba, mr. Frankie Teh (technical director of storage, Toshiba Asia), said hard drive and SSD is one of the strategic products of Toshiba in Vietnam market. So Toshiba need to choose a large reputable distributor on the market to bring products to consumers.“With strengths as a distributor of products, information technology leading in Vietnam, there are system agents across the country, FPT Trading is the reliable partner for the dealer about the warranty policy and products policy. We believe the cooperation with FPT Trading, product hard drive and SSD Toshiba will get really strong growth in Vietnamese market.”, mr. Frankie stressed.