Essential Software To Install After Installing Windows

January 17th, 2021 | Business, Technology | 0 Comment

Often fresh installation or re-installation of Windows on your desktop or laptop is a tedious affair. But you work is far from over once the operating system is installed, you still have to install the essential applications required before you can say that installation is truly complete. There are certain standard software which you cannot do without, let us list down the essential software to be installed to make our lives easier. Device Drivers In layman ...


Everything You Need to Know about Hard Drives

January 17th, 2021 | Technology | 0 Comment

You pride yourself on your computer literacy. You know to turn off your computer when something happens and turn it on again. You know to update your antivirus software when it expires, and you know how to use a variety of different programs, such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Chrome, Minecraft and more. You may even know how to set up your own internet. But how much do you know about the hardware in your computer? All the parts in your ...


My Favorite Premises and Plans for Techichi Dogs.

January 9th, 2021 | Business, Technology | 0 Comment

MY Premise: The techichi type little dog is alive and well and has retained its original phenotype, even though taking on many Eurodog genes. It is the parental stock of the AKC chihuahua, not the reverse. This phenotype averages 10 pounds as opposed to the akc chi artificially held at 4 pounds, The dogs look like little deer with large eyes, upright ears and at least average length legs, usually short hair, though hairless and long haired occur and always ...