Tried and True Tricks to Being Stylish

Oscar Wilde used to say that fashion was something so hideous that it had to be changed once every three months. His acerbic wit aside, it’s true that fashion, not style, is what’s constantly changing. While some people run around chasing the latest trends and attempting to rock a season’s popular look that just might not work for them, the real stars of the fashion world know to focus on something much more elusive: style. Because it’s timeless style that makes icons, not grasping at trends, and having a solid understanding of what isn’t fleeting and what is makes a huge difference between having a look that lasts and needing a new wardrobe every year.

It’s not about the money. So you don’t have a walk-in closet and a disposable income of five figures to spend each time the season changes. That doesn’t mean you need to be running around in a burlap sack, honey. Regardless of your budget, it’s possible to find clothes that are stylish anywhere and everywhere. From thrift stores to designer stores, there’s always at least one garment in your size that’s classy, timeless, and chic. Learn to hunt for those pieces, and you’re pretty much promised a look that’s stylish.

Don’t be a size queen. You can spend all day complaining about how hard it is to find something that fits you or a store that carries your size, but it’s not going to get the shirt on your back any faster. Plenty of women who are bigger than a size zero manage to find fabulous outfits, and it’s no excuse to dress poorly. More than anything, it’s the confidence that matters, so take pride in how you look and wear clothing that makes you feel like a million bucks. People are easily influenced, and if you focus more on dressing well than fretting over your size, you’ll wow people faster and easier.

Don’t let yourself go. So you’re single, or working from home, or staying at home with the kids. Sure, you can sit there all day in yoga pants and eat Cheetos, but eventually, it’s going to catch up with you and you’re going to start to feel ugly. Even if you’re not attending a black tie gala, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put a little thought into what you wear each day. Style and fashion are just as much about how you feel as how you actually look, so make sure that you choose clothes that make you feel great every day, not just on special occasions.

Invest in your wardrobe, especially the basics. It can be said a million more times, honey, but it’s the damn truth: a little black dress will take you places. Every woman should have a solid one in her closet, along with one well-made pair of black pants, nicely cut white dress shirt, and a cardigan, preferably cashmere. These simple garments make dressing for any occasion simple, because it only requires a mix and match of accessories, bags, or shoes.

Shoes are usually the key. If you’re feeling just okay in a dress, the shoes you choose can make it or break it. Knowing that, it’s important to have shoes that you could wear with a semi-formal and formal outfit alike that will make you feel invigorated and sexy. Shoes more than anything also affect your walk, so choose wisely so you’re out there with confidence on big days.

Learn what clothes look good on you, and dress accordingly. There’s nothing sadder than a woman who refuses to admit or learn what looks good on her. Accentuate your positive features, and you’ll find that you get that much more mileage out of your wardrobe. Choosing garments with necklines in particular that are flattering is a great way to go, as it brings attention to your delicate facial features and also accentuates your femininity.

Once you embrace style as your guiding light for fashion, you can give jet-setters and fashionistas a run for their money by creating your own unique and flattering look.

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