TOP 10 Reasons for NOW

1. You can install NOW on as many computers as you like at no extra cost. NOW is billed on an affordable per case basis. The more cases you enter into NOW on a fiscal year basis, the less expensive each case becomes. Our starting fee is only 20 dollars per case for the first 100 cases and reduces as case volume increases. NOW translates fixed overhead costs into volume discounted costs.

2. NOW makes information available throughout the funeral home and could be accessed from your home if you like.

3. Designed for Speed and Clarity: NOW is a valuable assistant in the arrangement room because it stores and provides information fast and clearly. NOW’s speed gets the information on the screen quickly, NOW’s clarity gets it in your head quickly. When you see the NOW screens, you understand it. Speed and clarity permit its use while talking on the phone for First Calls. NOW’s speed get contracts in the families hands ready for signing or Death Notices ready for proof reading and approval. Speed counts on input and it counts on distribution of information. The second a case is stored, the information is ready for use at all locations. All Cases.. All Branches.. All the Time.

4. Use NOW for:

a. Receiving First Calls

j. Package templates

b. Making and Scheduling Arrangement Appointments

k. Print contract

c. Recording Arrangements – Details

l. Print daily schedule

d. Ceremonies and Visitations

m. Verifications

e. Vehicles

n. Notices/Obituaries

f. Facilities

o. Scan deceased picture

g. Preparation instructions

p. Product pictures capable

h. Dispositions

i. Scheduled Cremations

4. Numerous Pick ‘n Click boxes are available that allow people to view often used Cemeteries, Officiants, Hospitals, Doctors, Nursing Homes, Churches and Musicians for instant inclusion in the case. This greatly reduces the amount of input time and provides a high degree of accuracy. Click here to see a Pick ‘n Click in action

5. New frequently used names, institutions, phone numbers and notes can be entered conveniently. If the pick ‘n click box did not contain the institution or individual required, new entries can be made immediately, for the current case, and they simultaneously become available for future cases.

6. Progressive Death Certificates are a strong new feature of NOW. Frequently a DC is sent to doctors for signature in their section when not all information is known for the other sections on the DC. This requires adding information to the DC after the doctors have completed their section. NOW allows the printing of selected fields. The Progressive DC can print all or selected items. It can print on blank paper or on pre-printed government forms. It works more like funeral homes actually operate.

7. NOW has extensive Preparation, Cremation and Disposition sections. These sections allow the staff in these departments to gain timely, accurate information to support family arrangement conference decisions. As work progresses, these departments mark completion date/times on the computer screen. Whether you are coordinating a large staff or just making information and deceased pictures available in the prep room for a small staff, the features of NOW let information flow with the way work is physically performed.

8. NOW combines the details for your cases in easy to read schedules of events available throughout the funeral home and branches. Today’s schedule with notes is a similar feature. This lets people answering the phone give callers the latest, up to the second information about any case. By looking at the daily on screen schedule, callers are provided with the information they called to get. If the caller provides new information that is needed by the arranging director or prep room, these notes can be entered on any computer screen in the building, and they will appear on all screens that access that case’s data.

9. NOW offers a private messaging system. This message will be shown to the person addressed, when they sign on to NOW. As such, a fellow staff member can receive new information without playing telephone tag, faxing, or other messages that may be misplaced or not noticed.

10. The system was created based upon Microsoft WORD, EXCEL, and ACCESS products. We feel this will allow the NOW product to be continually enhanced and upgraded to future hardware and operating system changes made by manufacturers.

Tongue in Check Top 10 Reasons

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